What is it about ice cream that makes us crave it every time we see it.  Not sure what that is but it sure is hard to resist every now and then. But once in a while its ok and not bad for you. Even daily as this article by abc news suggests.

I know its hard to believe.  But I went Saturday may 24th 2014 to my local buffalo wild wings to watch the blackhawks game.  We lost so I guess I’ll call it a pity scoop.  Anyhow normally they just give me a small scoop with some caramel on top.  Or they ask me sometimes if I want it plain or not.  But that day I got some kind of chocolate fudge drizzled on it.  And they added a ton of whip cream on top which I’ve never seen before.  

But the next day I went to the gym.  I know its hard to believe but I was 1 pound lighter than the day before.  I had naked tenders and fries at the wild wings the day before and light lunch. Nothing heavy.  So in addition to a light diet if overall calories are kept in check its not bad for you every once in a while.  Or perhaps even everyday as the abc news article suggests

But if its not so bad for you then why are so many people over weight.  Its not just portion size but what you are eating.  Even 1 tablespoon an evening if that’s all you have is not bad for you.  But even 1 tablespoon can be loaded with sugar and calories.

The only thing not bad for you is low sugar “Kemps with no sugar added” frozen yogurt. But it is hard to findeverywhere.  My local Mariano’s carries Kemps but I’ve not seen the no sugar added variety yet.

Others brands may have less sugar or none added at all either just like kemps.  But even natural no added sugar its still a lot of sugar.  I don’t know how Kemps does it.  But the vanilla frozen yogurt with no sugar added is only 5 grams of sugar and 70 calories in half a cup. And low sodium also.  Only 65 grams in half a cup.  

1 teaspoon is 2400 milligrams of sodium and no more than that a day should be consumed. Even if you go by the 1500mg a day limit as stated by what I saw on the dr oz show that is still plenty.  23 x 65 is 1495.  So that is plenty. And 23 cups of ice cream will make you sick. Half a cup may not seem like much.  But 23 cups will definitely make you sick.

Each tub as stated here is 1.5 quarts.


1.5 quarts is 6 cups according to google.  So that almost 4 tubs of frozen yogurt.  That is too much for 1 evening.  Can you say barf.

So half a cup is not bad for only 5 grams of sugar.  Look at the regular ice cream.


It is over 3 times the sugar and double the calories.  I’m not saying it is impossible to loose weight with the heavy option.  But you would have to eat less.  And who wants to do that. More is always better.  Not for wight but for the taste buds

Bud don’t be fooled by the words low sugar or zero sugar.  Zero sugar is still high in calories and it all add ups.  And to make up for the lack of sugar more fat, calories and other things may be added to compensate for the taste.  And if its low fat then it might be high sugar or high sodium, etc.  Or no sugar might be technically no sugar but loaded with splenda or other artificial sweetners which are bad for you. Here is why if you don’t believe me.


Splenda causes you to crave more sweets leaving you unsafistifed. And from the link I’ve never heard this before.
3. Sucralose (Otherwise known as Splenda, my past-sweetener of choice), is scary. Recent research suggests that Splenda can enlarge both the liver and kidneys and shrink the thymus glands. Sucralose breaks down into small amounts of dichlorofructose, which has not been tested adequately tested in humans. Splenda reportedly can cause skin rashes, panic, diarrhea, headaches, bladder issues, stomach pain, and those side effects don’t even sum it up.How scary.  I’ve hear about the headaches, but not the rest.  Good grief.  Well no more splenda for me ever.

So always read the label first before you buy it. It may be tedious but well worth it.


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